Do you sell art prints, printables or stationery? I guess you've heard about the importance of your listings photos, right?

A good photo doesn't only mean that you increase your chances to make more sales, it most importantly shows that you're doing what it takes to make your shop look as good it can be, that you care about your creations and that you want your customers to have a great first impression.

With more and more online shops opening, competition gets higher and being unique plays a key part in being successful. It can quickly get frustrating to see your competitors showing off their new listings with clean and polished images while you're struggling to understand what the heck is Aperture about. I know the feeling...

Online shopping is great, but the process goes like this: people see your product, among a lot of similar ones, and they can only see it with their eyes. No smell, no touch, no trying it on. Just their eyes. So you have to give your product photos all you've got.

More than good lighting, you want to give them a message, tell a story, and share your feelings. And this is what I will teach you in this 4 week course.

Imagine... What if each of your listings was showing off a great styled photo, a detailed shot, and even a group image cross-selling your collection? What if your shop was welcoming new customers with a really nice banner telling your story. What if you could post cool image stories on IG in minutes?

How proud would you be to see your images being repinned on Pinterest? And tell yourself that you did all the job? What if you train your eye to the point that in just a few weeks you need only half a day to shoot your new collections and that you have amazing Christmas images for the first time this year? And what if you had fun doing all of it?

What if you could look at your DSLR camera, know what buttons are your friends and create really cool photos in minutes? Photography and styling really does NOT have to be complicated. And it does not have to be expensive either! In this course I will show how I used the cheapest tools and second hand equipment and made the most out of it. If I could do it, so can you! The only difference is that you will be able to skip all the boring parts of the learning curve.

Show off your brand

Connect (or reconnect?) with your brand and push the boundaries that small business owners often face. Go beyond a simple logo and create amazingly styled images.

Control your camera

As small businesses, our collections can get updated, new products quickly can be created. Get the lifetime skill to beautifully capture what you make, yourself.

Increase your sales

Push it even further and use amazing images for your marketing campaigns, email banners, social media posts and inspire your customers on a daily basis!

In 4 weeks, create your own styled stationery and listing photos at home. 

Week 01: connect your brand, your shop, your products with props.
Week 02: it's all about styling. Watch out, this part can become addictive.
Week 03: take your camera, follow my steps and start shooting!
Week 04: quickly retouch your photos. It actually does not have to be difficult at all!

BONUS: I'll also teach you how to create some smart objects so you can reuse some photos, it's such a good time saver!

Facebook community: join an online community where you can exchange on your progress, support each other's work and of course I'll be there as well to help you out throughout the course.

Have a look at the FAQ list to make sure you get all the info.


"After being bought a decent camera so I could take nicer pictures for my social media accounts, I soon realised there was more to capturing a great picture than just pushing a button. I had been following White Hart Designs for years and was a big fan of Lucie's light and airy photography style. When I saw she was doing a course teaching photography and editing I signed up. Lucie is an excellent teacher and breaks each step down to be easy to follow and understand, it wasn't long before I got a lot more confident with my photography abilities and was able to use my camera with much more and create the images I was looking for."

Sarah Humphreys
Light Up Your Brand

Hey! I'm Lucie, your teacher.

I am a self-taught photographer and I reached 6 figures yearly income just selling stock images and mockups.

In this course, I teach you how to create great images without wasting time, how to connect your brand with your products, and I give you my tips to get more sales and take your shop to the next level. Because we all know this: good photos = more sales.

So, are you ready for this? 

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is aimed at wedding stationers, designers who create art prints, stationery and printables. If you're a freelance designer and you want to add an extra touch to your website or portfolio, this course is also for you! You will learn how to really connect your brand with photography so you can share your message in your very unique way.

You will need the following:

- A DSLR camera + lens (whatever you have to start with)

- An SD card (memory card) - A tripod

- One white piece of foam board, at least A3 size

- A computer

- Photoshop (it's a $10/month subscription via Adobe)

- A white background (look in your house! I started with a roll of white paper that I put on a table...more tips in the course!)

No it's not! It's aimed at allowing you to take pretty photos of your beautiful creations, not to teach you all the advanced technical bits of a camera.

No! Although this is not a Photoshop course, I will teach you how to find your way in this amazing magical piece of software but mostly how to make the most out of 2/3 simple tools. Life does not have to be complicated, and I think the same with our work.

Yes, this course is aimed at beginners in photography too! I want to make the process easy and fast for you, not complex and overwhelming so we will not dive into all the aspects of photography, only what we need.

There are 45 videos. Some are presentation slides, screen sharing (for retouching) and some are for styling, sharing with you my set up and shooting tips. I show you my behind the scenes! I also have included some workbooks and pdfs with the important information to remember.

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. You will also get notified of any course updates!

I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are able to show that you did the requested work within the first 30 days and yet you are unhappy with the results, I will give you a refund.

Pretty Handmade is now closed for enrolment.

Doors will reopen early 2020.


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