Are you currently working as a graphic designer, illustrator, photographer? Are you a little bored of trading your time for services? Do you also feel this nudge within yourself that there is more that you want to achieve? 

What if there was something bigger only you could share in your own way? 

Cultivate your creativity & generate new income streams

In My Digital Success Club, you become part of a great bunch of seriously motivated people, who gather together online to use the provided tools and trainings to explore their creative style. These people (and you too!) are more than ready to serve their audience by producing meaningful artwork and products that are on trend, unique and valuable. They wish to increase and generate revenue channels by creating truly helpful work delivered in a digital modern form.

Which one are you?

Do you recognise yourself in any of the below levels? If so, join us today! You will be able to assess where you're at more specifically and get personalised training and feedback.

Little Pixel

You know there is more you are meant to create than what you’re currently busy doing. You don’t know yet what you want to do, or where to start, let alone how does this online thing even work? 😳 But you're interested!

Sweet Canvas

You have a good understanding of the digital world 🤓, but you're unsure of what you want to create, or how to do it. 🤔 Although you have all these great ideas, you haven’t actually started on anything (yet!🌱).  

Pretty Grid

You have launched a shop with products 🎉  but then, after a few sales… it went quiet. Like really quiet. (Or maybe you haven’t even sold anything yet? 😱) Now you feel demotivated 😓 and you don't know how to fix it. 

Smart Ruler

You know what success feels like, and you are so happy about what you've already achieved. Well done! 🍾 . But… you’re left wondering… what’s next? How can I go full time doing this? Is that even sustainable? 📋 

Join us!

By signing up, you will get access to weekly trainings from market research to updating your listings, creating compelling featured images that will attract your ideal audience, and more. You will also become part of a community of fellow creatives looking for support, feedback and positive vibes!

Doors are open! Join now and access your first assessment straight away.

Hey! I'm Lucie.

I'm a graphic designer and photographer turned digital shop owner in less than 6 months. I took my business to the next level by creating digital products that both help and inspire artists and designers over the world. 

Within this community, I share my five year experience with you through simple, step-by-step easy videos and worksheets.

I am teaching you the valuable secrets and insights I wish I had known when I first started. 

Working online gives me so much freedom and happiness, as I get to choose where, when and how I work. This is the digital modern life. It can be life changing. Are you ready for it?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a designer, an illustrator, a photographer or a creative working for clients but looking to increase your potential and your income by creating online products? Then this is for you! 🎉

The membership cost is US $15 per month.

You are able to pay via Paypal or with your credit card.

If you think about it as an investment: you pay $15 per month, and to refund it, you need to reach at least $15 per month in sales. So... does it sound unachievable?  😊

The content is delivered each week, in clear and concise videos tutorials, workbooks, behind the scenes, and live Q&A sessions. 

Once you join, you will see different Levels and when you choose yours, personalised training will become available.

Your membership will automatically renew each month and you get access to new content and classes each month as well. It will last until you decide that you want to stop your subscription, which you can do anytime. If you decide to stop your subscription, your account will be deleted and you won't have access to the content any longer.

 - A good-working computer

- A reliable Internet connection. I don't have fibre internet in my home but it still works great for me!

- Preferred: the Adobe Suite, as this is what I mostly use in my work. But we will also explore other software like Canva, Affinity etc.

The price of the membership is non-refundable, however you are able to stop your recurring subscription any time you'd like. Of course, I'd be sorry to see you go and will appreciate a little chat about anything that could help you on your online journey.


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