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How to use a .PNG mock up in Photoshop

photoshop Sep 24, 2018

A .PNG file usually has a transparent area, making it super easy to slide your design underneath the photo/mock up you're using.

Check this quick tutorial on how I use a .png mock up in Photoshop.  

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Photoshop vs. Photoshop Elements

Uncategorized May 25, 2016

Welcome to an essential post about Photoshop & Photoshop Elements.

The goal for this post is to help you achieve your best online visual presence through what I believe to be the best and most professional photo editing software, which is Photoshop. You may already use it or want to use it but don't necessarily know how to.

I totally understand, since I am also still developing my own Photoshop skills on a daily basis! Learning technical skills like these can be annoying, daunting, not so exciting, so I will try to make it as pretty and enjoyable as possible! 

Most of the time, you will be able to achieve pretty much anything within Photoshop. So much that sometimes you might want to think that Photoshop is like a magic wand!

However, some of you have Photoshop Elements and may want to stick to it. As much as possible, for every step explained in Photoshop I will give the suggestions on how to achieve either the same effect or similar in Photoshop Elements. In some cases,...

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10 kitchen items you can use as props!

styling Jan 02, 2016

Gathering props around your home should be an easy task when you get started styling your own photos. Often enough, objects we use the most daily can become parts of stories we share in photography.

I live in a small London apartment and when I started making my own photos, I was only playing around to learn how to use my camera, so I was trying to get the most out of what I had instead of buying props, and believe me, it works really well. Here is what I learnt along the way:

  • Having fewer props avoids confusion: A smaller selection of props makes it easy for you to remember them and to get organised.
  • You can challenge yourself and get creative by reusing the same props for different purposes (for example use a tin as a flower vase, then reuse the same tin as a pencil pot). Since you come across the same props more often, you can be more creative!
  • It keeps your home uncluttered. And that feels great.
  • You can look at other utensils in a more creative way too! It helps building...
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How to quickly insert your art within a mockup in Photoshop with the smart object technique

photoshop Jan 02, 2016

Here is a video tutorial about how to insert your work in Photoshop using mockups from White Hart Design Co. and working with smart objects.

If you have any questions please comment below or get in touch. I hope this video will be of use!

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